Monitoring COVID-19 in Denver

Denver Public Health and the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment are evaluating multiple sources of data to examine and monitor trends in the COVID-19 pandemic in Denver. There are multiple measures that serve as indicators for if the COVID-19 pandemic is worsening or improving in Denver. These include earlier indicators of COVID-19’s spread, such as case rates and testing, and later indicators, such as hospital capacity.

The following set of metrics are key indicators being used to inform public health actions and guidance.  

People Experiencing Homelessness Dashboard (updated every Monday)

People experiencing homelessness are often at increased risk of COVID-19 and more severe outcomes from disease due to factors including less ability to self-isolate while in congregate settings (such as shelters) as well as often living with other underlying health conditions. This dashboard helps us to monitor COVID-19 outcomes among people experiencing homelessness and how well we are doing with prevention efforts.