COVID-19 Community and Patient Resources

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Denver Public Health Enhanced Patient Support Team

The Denver Public Health Enhanced Patient Support (EPS) Team was created out of our concern for our community and wanting to more rapidly respond to community members and families who have been hit hard by COVID-19. The EPS team's main focus is on empowerment and self-advocacy. We offer a number of resources to the community through direct services and partnerships.

Health Education and Partnership

The EPS team is partnering with community-based organizations to help share COVID-19 health information to a broader audience of people. The partnership will also help teach the team to better respond to the community's needs.

COVID-19 Health Information Resources

Home Visits

We offer FREE in-home visits to people who have COVID-19 and do not have health insurance or a primary care doctor. (As long as you are open to having someone come to your home). You can get more information about an in-home visit by emailing us at, or calling 303-602-4337. You can also browse our website to find helpful COVID-19 information to protect your family and advocate for yourself!

Can I participate in a Home Visit?

If you wish to have an in-home visit from our team, you must meet these qualifications:

  • Confirmed COVID-19 positive within the last seven days.
  • No current primary care physician and/or no health insurance.
  • Denver resident.

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