How Interviews and Contact Tracing Helps the Community

  • Watch this video about contact tracing.
    Letting people know they have been exposed to COVID-19 allows them to take steps to get ahead of the virus and protect others as well.
  • Your information is being used to track the virus and for no other reason.
  • When you work with a contract tracer, you're helping your community prosper and stay safe.


A highly trained contact tracing staff member will call you and ask a few questions. They are mapping out who you have been in close contact with, so they can call each person and let them know they have been exposed to COVID19.

Contact Tracing

Once they have mapped this, the staff member will call the individuals who had close contact to let them know quickly and sensitively that they have been exposed. They will also offer these individuals resources and support. By law, contact tracers cannot name who has COVID-19. You will remain anonymous as your patient privacy is protected.


The contact tracer will then advise your contacts to quarantine so they can protect themselves and their loved ones. They will also learn about their symptoms and how to monitor them. If they develop symptoms, they will also be given resources to go get tested. If they do have COVID-19, the process of contact tracing starts again.

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