Denver Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing

Did you know that more than 60 housing authorities have gone smoke free? We are seeing a trend in Colorado of more properties going smoke free.

  • Do you live in a multiunit property that allows smoking?
  • Are you breathing in secondhand smoke at home?

We can help!

Why your building should have a smoke-free policy

  • Most Colorado residents prefer to live in a smoke-free environment.
  • Implementing a smoke-free policy is legal. Smokers are not a protected class under Federal anti-discrimination laws.
  • Smoke-free buildings help save on cleaning, maintenance and insurance costs.
  • There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Fires caused by smoking materials are the leading cause of home fires in the U.S.
  • Insurance premiums may be lower in smoke-free buildings.
  • Damage caused by third-hand smoke is difficult and costly to remove.

Please contact Teddy Montoya at (303) 602-3684, or Santos Diaz at (303) 602-3695 to learn more.

Secondhand Smoke

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