Denver City Council District Reports

Denver City Council District Reports

Be Healthy Denver, a joint initiative between Denver Public Health and Denver Department of Public Health and Environment, released the City Council District Reports in February 2016. The reports segment and expand upon data from the 2014 Health of Denver Report, focusing on health issues at the district level in four public health priority areas: life expectancy, tobacco use, childhood obesity and mental health. Visit to view additional information, reports and downloadable data from the report (figures, graphs and data tables) for use in community presentations and grant applications.

Given the 2015 modification to council districts boundaries, some districts do not align neatly with current census tract boundaries. Information on life expectancy used the old city council district boundaries. For council districts that share a portion of a census tract with another district, we were unable to assign those inhabitants to one or the other district. About 7% of the entire population fell in the cross-district areas. Thus, average age, racial/ethnic distribution and median household income were estimated using the 93% of the population that resided in census tracts contained within the council district boundary.

2015 City Council District Reports

*2015 reports were created in February 2016, and updated in March 2016.

2011 City Council District Reports