HIV Behavioral Surveillance in the Denver Metro Area

National HIV Behavioral Surveillance (NHBS), funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is a comprehensive bio-behavioral surveillance system in populations with high burden of HIV. Since 2003, NHBS has collected data on behavioral risk factors for HIV such as sexual behaviors and drug use, HIV testing behaviors, access to prevention services, and use of prevention strategies.

NHBS data provide behavioral context for trends seen in HIV surveillance throughout the United States.

Denver is one of 19 sites across the United States currently collecting NHBS data.

Risk Education Aimed at Community Health
How NHBS Is Conducted in Colorado

Locally, NHBS is known as REACH (Risk Education Aimed at Community Health). REACH data are used to guide HIV prevention and testing services in the Denver Metro area.

All REACH participants complete a standardized anonymous questionnaire about behavioral risk factors for HIV, HIV testing habits, and the use of HIV prevention services. Since 2007, all participants have also been offered HIV testing. REACH is conducted in annual cycles in three populations at increased risk for HIV:

Starting in 2023, Denver will begin conducting NHBS among women of transgender experience and transfeminine people. Locally that project is known as TLC, Trans Liberation Through Community.

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