​Strategic Planning

The Public Health Institute at Denver Health participates in an annual strategic planning process to ensure work continues to advance the mission and vision of the department. During this process, the department reflects on key accomplishments and progress made in the previous year. Our 2020-2022 strategic plan focuses on five priority areas and related goals.

Strategic Priorities and Goals

As we enter the beginning of our new three-year strategic plan, we plan to focus on its five core capabilities as its strategic priorities. The goals in the five priority areas are:

Core Capability Goals
Community Engagement 1. Start with the community to drive public health planning and implementation.
High Quality Services to Patients & Clients 2. Meet the diverse needs of patients, providers and the community.
Clinical Systems Change 3. Optimize prevention in clinical systems.
Capacity Building & Assistance 4. Support partners by using our public health experience and expertise.
Public Health Innovation 5. Sustain a structure and culture to deliver public health innovation.