Performance Improvement

The Public Health Institute at Denver Health (PHIDH) supports continuous quality improvement across our department and with community partners. We use the Toyota Production System’s Lean principles for quality improvement (QI). QI lets us streamline processes, increase productivity and improve services.

In 2012, the Public Health Institute at Denver Health was awarded an Accreditation Support Initiative grant from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) to pursue work in quality improvement which is central to national accreditation, a new opportunity for public health departments as of 2011. The Public Health Institute at Denver Health hired a Quality Improvement Coordinator, established the Quality Committee, wrote a Quality Improvement Plan, and initiated using a performance management system to help improve the infrastructure necessary to obtain accreditation.

Performance Improvement

Vision for Performance Improvement: The Public Health Institute will have a culture where quality improvement (QI) is fully embedded into the way the agency does business across all levels, divisions, and programs. Leadership and staff will be fully committed to quality, and results of QI efforts will be communicated internally and externally.

Alignment: Performance improvement aligns with the strategic plans for Denver Health and Public Health Institute at Denver Health, as quality improvement and innovation are key components in both plans. In addition, the Public Health Institute at Denver Health is working with Denver Department of Public Health and Environment to sustain public health accreditation. As accreditation focuses on continuous quality improvement, working to sustain accreditation will only continue to strengthen the performance improvement efforts currently underway.

Customer Experience

Our Vision for Customer Experience: The Public Health Institute at Denver Health will have a culture where customer experience is fully embedded across and among all levels, departments, and programs. This includes feedback collection, through a variety of methods, which will provide insight into our customer's perspective, allowing us to continuously improve our work so that all customers are proud to recommend the Public Health Institute at Denver Health.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development is a part of the Public Health Institute at Denver Health’s Planning and Performance Improvement Office. The goal of workforce development is to ensure that PHIDH’s workforce is engaged, highly skilled, and ready to meet the demands of a changing public health landscape.

Workforce Development efforts include:

  • Professional Development
  • PHIDH’s Mentoring Program
  • Public Health United (PHUN Team)
  • Public Health Orientation
  • Department Trainings
  • The Public Health Core Competency Survey

Business Development

In 2019 the Public Health Institute at Denver Health embarked on a business development journey. The goal of this work is to identify and build out business lines that leverage our public health expertise to advance our mission, while also generating revenue to ensure financial sustainability. PHIDH follows a 10-step process/guide in pursuit of earned revenue endeavors. The process includes detailed steps, as well as the tools to use at each point, questions to consider, any go/no-go decision points, and goals for each phase of the process. Our business development priorities for 2022 are to implement a departmental customer relationship management system, grow our regional public health presence in our areas of expertise and continue to support our parent organization Denver Health and Hospital Authority through public health programs/services.

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