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At 234 Broadway, we offer Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing. Testing is provided by skilled public health professionals in a safe and welcoming environment. If you have been exposed to HIV within the last 72 hours please read about Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) and next steps.

Hours: Testing schedule is subject to change on rare occasions. Please call or text 720-415-7075 for questions. You can find updated walk-in hours in our Google listing.

234 Broadway is not a clinical site and DOES NOT offer treatment. If you are having symptoms and/or have been notified of a potential exposure, we recommend going to our Denver Sexual Health Clinic where you can be evaluated by medical staff for additional testing and possible treatment. While we are part of the Public Health Institute at Denver Health, we are not able to make appointments for the clinic at 234 Broadway.

We offer appointments as well as walk-in slots for testing. Due to COVID-19 we strongly recommend you schedule an appointment. Walk-in hours fill up quickly. Please call or text us at 720-415-7075 with questions related to our latest walk-in hours as they are always changing.

Testing services at 234 Broadway are FREE of charge. Our staff can offer Rapid HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis C (Hep C) testing and provide you results in a short amount of time. In addition, we can offer Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea testing with results available a few days later. Our services are limited and are based on various factors which we screen you for before testing.

In addition to testing services, 234 Broadway offers multiple resources related to but not limited to sex, relationships and substance use. We also offer help with starting or getting back on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Make an Appointment

Call or text our outreach line at 720-415-7075 to schedule a confidential, sexual health conversation with our outreach staff. This call will allow us to answer and explore any questions that may come up for you as well as find the best time for you to stop in so that we can do the actual testing.

Our staff may not always be able to answer your call so please leave a slow and detailed message with your name, phone number and best time to call back. Please remember to speak clearly and slowly so we do not miss anything.

COVID Precautions

Our staff at 234 Broadway continues to follow COVID protocols and will conduct COVID-19 screenings on everyone coming into our facility. We require ALL clients to wear a mouth covering during their visit. We will only allow 2 individuals in the waiting area and all client areas will be sanitized before and after each interaction. Please DO NOT come to 234 if you are having COVID-19 symptoms. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information about the symptoms of COVID-19, how to protect yourself and where to test for it, etc.

I Have Recently Been Exposed to HIV, Should I Test With You?

Very recent exposure to HIV will not show on our tests. However, if you have been exposed to HIV within the last 3 days you may be eligible to get on PeP. Post-exposure prophylaxis (or PeP) is a medication that can prevent HIV if taken within 72 hours of exposure. Contact our Linkage to Care team at 303-602-3652 for more information on PeP, or visit our Emergency Department at Denver Health.

What if I’m Having Symptoms?

Since 234 is a non-clinical testing location we do not recommend that you test with us if you are having symptoms. Instead, make an appointment at our main Sexual Health Clinic or your primary care provider, both places can offer you testing and treatment.

How Often Can I Test With 234?

Our testing is free but limited, we are only able to offer you a session once every 3 months. Be sure to read about window periods (below) for HIV & STI. Make your appointment in a time that you feel comfortable with.

Window Periods

A test may miss an infection that has been caught very recently. This is called the ‘window period’. If you’ve been exposed to an infection, our Sexual Health Clinic can offer you treatment during this period.

Below are window periods for HIV and some STI.

  • Gonorrhea can take 3 weeks to show
  • Chlamydia can take 2 weeks to show
  • Syphilis can take 3 months to show
  • HIV can take 3 months to show

Remember, our tests can see an infection during the window period, but again it might not. We only test clients once every 3 months, please book your session in a timeframe that feels good to you, or call our staff for more information.

What if I Need More Testing Than 234 Can Offer?

We understand that we can’t offer every person every test, so we are happy to provide you with alternative sites for testing:

What Should I Expect When I Come In for My Appointment?

Appointments at 234 are fast moving, we will typically have you in and out within 10 minutes. We recommend that you arrive 5 minutes early to complete paperwork. You will receive a COVID screening at the door, and then we will then take you back for testing. Please bring your mask and your ID.

What Should I Expect When I Come In for a Walk-In?

Walk-in clients will have a COVID screening done at the door. Once that is done we will give you paperwork to fill out. After you have filled out our forms we will take you back to triage to discuss the tests that we have available to you. We will not be doing the robust sexual health conversations that we normally do because we are trying to limit the contact you have, however we can have a tester call you to discuss a sexual health plans. You also have the options of leaving 234 with resources so that you can learn more about topics that speak to you. After triage, the tester will run your tests and provide you with any resources that you asked for. The typical walk-in visit will take about 45 minutes per client.

What if I Develop Symptoms in the Time Between My Phone Screening and In-Person Appointment?

There are options for you if develop a symptom for either an STI or COVID between the time of your phone screen and your appointment. Call us to let us know you are having symptoms and we will direct you from there.

What if I Test Positive for HIV?

Testing positive for HIV can be a very challenging feeling for someone to hear. At 234 we treat our tests a preliminary positive result. Our 234 staff will work with both you and our linkage team to offer you a confirmatory test within a business day. Our Linkage team can help you find ways to pay for treatment and medication. Remember there are options and great treatment available to you. Learn more about being undetectable.