Ending the HIV Epidemic in Denver

In 2015, the City of Denver signed the Paris Declaration , joining a global effort to end the HIV epidemic called the Fast Track Cities Initiative . 
The initiative states that by 2020 Denver will meet the following goals: 

  • 90% of people living with HIV will be diagnosed and know their HIV status. 
  • 90% of those who are diagnosed will be on antiretroviral therapy (ART).
  • 90% of those on ART will have suppressed viral loads.

By 2030, Denver aims to increase those percentages to 95%, which would mean that overall 86% of people living with HIV have suppressed viral loads, new transmissions are rare, and people living with HIV very rarely, if ever, develop AIDS. 

Finally, the initiative calls for an end to HIV-related stigma, a critical element that must be addressed if any of the above goals are to be achieved and maintained.  

Denver's Progress toward Achieving the 90-90-90 Targets

Denver is poised to be one of the first cities to achieve these targets. In 2016, Denver announced it had achieved two of the three 90-90-90 targets. Visit the Metro Denver city dashboard on the Fast-Track Cities web portal  for the most up-to-date data on Denver's progress to end the AIDS epidemic. 

DPH Ending the HIV Epidemic 5280 Report Image Thumbnail
Ending the HIV Epidemic: 5280

The Fast Track Cities Task Force Approach to Ending the HIV Epidemic

In early 2018, we published “Ending the HIV Epidemic: 5280”, a report which details progress toward achieving the 90-90-90 goals from a Denver Metro and county-level perspective. The report highlights differences in diagnosis rates and the care continuum among key populations. It also attempts to quantify measures of stigma as reported in regional surveys, allowing a platform from which to evaluate interventions.

The information in this report will be regularly updated, reviewed and used by Metro Denver’s Fast Track Cities Task Force to create a strategic plan to end the HIV epidemic in Metro Denver.

E-mail 5280TaskForce@dhha.org for more information about the Task Force or to subscribe to our mailing list for regular updates on our progress.

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