TB Resources and Education

Tuberculosis Clinic Resources & Education

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that spreads through the air, and it is very easy to expose TB to people around you. The best way to prevent TB is to learn more about tuberculosis, to get tested if you think you have been exposed, and then to get treated if you test positive.

Additional TB Resources

Education Services for Professionals and Community-Based Organizations

Denver Health is no longer offering the TB Update and TB Skin Testing Practicum. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is in the process of developing a Train-the-Trainer course for the state of Colorado. For scopes of practice regarding who can place, read, and interpret TST tests click here. For any other questions regarding this training, please contact the CDPHE TB program at cdphe_tbinfo@state.co.us or 303-692-2656.