Youth All Engaged

Youth All Engaged! is a flexible, text messaging curriculum that can be added on to any existing face-to-face program focused on youth sexual health.

Youth All Engaged! takes a positive youth development approach to engage and empower teens in cultivating healthy life skills. It's content addresses self-esteem, communication, relationships, sexuality and decision making through fun quizzes, polls, facts, quotes, resources, and links to videos and events.

By supporting the health of the whole individual, Youth All Engaged! helps youth become more resilient to negative influences and makes it easier for them to make healthy decisions.

Why Add Text Messaging to Your Youth Sexual Health Program?

Eighty-eight percent of teens use/have cell phones and 91 percent of them use text messaging.

Adding text messaging to your sexual health education program is an excellent way to bring the message home by reinforcing positive youth development messages between face-to-face meetings through a technology teens know, like and rely on for information.

Why Choose Youth All Engaged! Text Messaging Curriculum?

Youth All Engaged! was developed, tested and evaluated by Denver Public Health's youth health team over the course of several years. It may contribute to reductions in teen pregnancies, particularly among young Hispanics.

With Youth All Engaged! you will:

  • Increase the reach of your messages by using texting in between standing meetings.
  • Minimize start-up time and costs by using a product tried and tested by Denver Public Health.
  • Evaluate the impact with included survey tools.

If you choose, you'll also be able to send coordinating text messages to parents/trusted adults to keep them informed and to encourage conversation and engagement with their youth as they move through your program.

Availability of Youth All Engaged!

Youth All Engaged! will become available in Summer 2017. To be notified about product availability, or to inquire about being a pilot site, please email Marissa Vasquez.