Hepatitis C Treatment

New Hep C treatment is short, easy and highly effective.

Hepatitis C is a serious liver infection that can result in long-term health problems, even death. However, with new hep C treatments available that are short, easy and highly effective, it is curable.

We treat hep C with new drugs called direct-acting antivirals (DAAs). Compared to older drugs, DAAs are more effective, work more quickly and have fewer side effects. Using new drugs for hep C, most people are cured in 8-to-12 weeks. Treatment is as simple as 1-3 pills a day and four visits to the clinic.

Treatment for hep C is now available to all individuals in Colorado. Call us at (303) 602-8710 and get started today! 

What is involved in treating hep C?

Hep C treatment involves three steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment
    • At the appointment, your doctor may run a test to confirm if you have hep C.
    • Your doctor will evaluate your liver and run other tests.
    • You may need to get a vaccine for hepatitis A and hepatitis B.
  2. Get the medications
    • Your doctor will prescribe a medication and get approval from insurance or Medicaid. (The approval process may take a few weeks. If you don’t have insurance, you may qualify to get treatment for free.)
    • Once approved, you will meet with a pharmacist and get the first 30-days of medicine.
  3. Start treatment
    • Treatment is usually taking 1-3 pills each day for 8-12 weeks.
    • There is one lab visit and 1 or 2 medication refills during treatment.
    • There is one lab visit after treatment. If the virus is not detected 12 weeks after finishing treatment, you are cured.

Does treatment have side effects?

With the new hep C treatments, many people have no side effects. If felt, side effects are generally mild –headache and tiredness – and clear up quickly.

How much does treatment cost?

Hep C treatment is available to all individuals in Colorado with insurance, including Medicaid. If you lack insurance, Denver Health enrollment services can help. Also, you might qualify to get treated for free.

Does substance use disqualify me?

You don’t have to be sober or stop using drugs to get treated for hep C. Doctors recommend that everyone with hep C get treated, even if you currently use drugs and consume alcohol, or have done so in the past.

Tough stick?

Getting your blood drawn can be stressful. We seek to reduce pain and distress by employing advanced, highly-trained phlebotomists and ultrasound technology to find veins when needed. Treatment involves just three blood draws.

Will I feel better?

Many people cured of hep C are surprised by how good they feel!

Benefits of hep C treatment:

  • You may feel more energy and have a better mood.
  • You will decrease your chance of getting severe liver damage, liver cancer and death.
  • You can’t give hep C to others.