Travel Clinic Appointments

The Travel Clinic is available to help answer any questions you have before your trip; call (303) 602-3520 to make an appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure you have time to fill out all the necessary paperwork. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule.

Please bring the following items to your consultation:

  • Photo ID
  • Your trip specific itinerary
  • Completed travel consultation paperwork
  • Copy of your previous immunization records with dates, if available
  • Your International Certificate of Vaccination (yellow card), if applicable


*All vaccine and consult prices are listed on our vaccine cost list. Prices are subject to change.*

The Denver Public Health Travel Clinic does not bill health insurance plans for travel related vaccines or consultations. Payment is due at the time of service.

Service Fee
Adult (older than 18 years) Travel Consultation Fee $70 each person + Immunization and Prescription Costs
 Child Travel Consultation Fee* $25 each child + Immunization and Prescription Costs
*If a child younger than 18 is the only patient needing the consultation, the cost will be $70.  

What to expect during your consultation

The consultation can take 30 minutes - 2 hours, depending on the number of travelers and the complexity of the travel itinerary. It is conducted by a travel health nurse who has immediate access to a team of specialists if there are any health-specific questions or concerns. Be prepared to discuss:

  • Your medical history.
  • Questions or concerns you may have about travel.
  • Safety practices and tips for disease prevention.

Post-travel care

Your pre-travel consultation with the Denver Public Health travel health nurse is designed to help prepare you for a safe and healthy travel, and provide you with the resources needed if you get sick. 

If you are sick after your trip (fever, flu-like symptoms or persistent diarrhea) we encourage you to contact your primary care provider for evaluation. You may also contact the Travel Clinic for referrals.