How To Pay for COVID-19

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help with COVID-19 related costs (food, housing, etc.) Is there a resource we missed? Email us and let us know!

Health Care Coverage Options

If you are able, look into getting health care coverage that is right for you. Also any major medical system has an office or department for enrollment that can assist you. You can also start with the health exchange.

Denver Public Health and Denver Health is a safe place for patients. We protect ALL patient information.

What if health care is not an option?

In Colorado, Emergency Medicaid will cover the costs of going to the emergency room and being hospitalized with COVID-19. Once you leave the hospital, Emergency Medicaid will cover oxygen and 2 primary care visits. Emergency medicaid is available for uninsured and or individuals without status.

The cost of helping people without insurance isn't transferred to the general public.

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