What To Do if You Have COVID-19?

So you have a positive COVID-19 test. Ask your health care provider if and how you can take care of yourself at home. If you are able to stay home, see the back of this of handout for how to isolate. You can also call the Denver Health Nurse line 303-739-1211. Press “2” for Spanish and press “3” for any other language.

Thousands of people have had COVID-19 in the U.S. You aren't alone, and it's ok to tell people you have it. Protect your community by letting people know they may have come in contact with COVID-19. Read stories on overcoming the stigma of being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Monitor Your Symptoms

If your symptoms are getting worse, it's time to go to the hospital. Use a pulse oximeter, or count your heart rate. Use a thermometer to check your temperature. If you wait too long to get help, it can it can literally be life and death. If you answer yes to the questions in the picture, it's time to come in.

  • Is your heart racing? Are you feeling more fatigued than normal?
  • Are you having trouble breathing? Are you coughing uncontrollably?
  • Are you dizzy and lightheaded? Are your normal activities too difficult?
  • Check your temperature? Do you have a fever? Are you shaking?
  • Can you smell and taste food? How is your appetite? Are you vomiting?

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