How To Take Care of Yourself in the Time of COVID-19

Managing Your Current Health Conditions

Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease, and being immunocompromised can make COVID-19 worse (even deadly) for people living with these conditions. Connect with a doctor now to make a plan to manage your health. A complete plan should include nutrition, exercise, necessary medicines, and other healthy habits. However, you don't have to have a complete plan to get started. Five minutes for your body and mind can go a long way to manage stress, even when you're short on time and resources.

Take Care of Your Body

Try to exercise, if only for a few minutes a day. Exercise can take many forms, including walking your dog, dancing to some music while you do chores, or gardening. It helps with stress, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. Talk to your health care provider about exercise that is right for your health and body type.

Take Care of Your Mind

COVID-19 is hitting everyone really hard. Manage worry by taking a walk, taking a few deep breaths, talking to someone you trust. If you're not able to sleep or are feeling worried or sad most of the time, seek professional care. Social connection is important for feeling happy and well. Carve out time to talk with loved ones and people you care about, even though it's at a distance.

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