How To Treat COVID-19

It is your right to ask about the latest treatments for COVID-19. Currently, you should ask specifically if remdesivir and/or dexamethasone are treatment options for them. At this time, anyone with low oxygen is a candidate but there are some underlying medical conditions that might increase the risk of adverse effects with either medication. Patients should ask why they aren't being treated with one or othe other if hospitalized. Convalesent plasma is currently more controversial and there aren't firm data that it's truly efficacious. However for most people the risk is low so that's why i included it and I think patients should be empowered to ask about this too. Some over the counter medicine can be harmful for people with underlying medical conditions. Treatment of symptoms with over the counter medications may help you feel better but that you should always check with your provider if it is safe if you have other medical problems, are on other medications.

Can I treat COVID-19 at home?

Before treating yourself at home, check with a health care provider. Tell them about any medical issues you have and ask them if over the counter medications will help you. Feel free to ADD green tea, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, and get a little sun while still being isolated, but these CANNOT cure COVID-19.

Treatments Available To You at the Hospital

  • Remdesivir: Slows the virus from replicating in the body
  • Dexamethasone: Reduces the inflammation caused by the immune system fighting the virus
  • Convalescent plasma: Plasma donated by people who have fully recovered from COVID-19 infection. This plasma contains antibodies that may help you recover faster

Harmful COVID-19 Treatment Myths

There are a few myths about COVID-19 treatments that can actually hurt you. If you aren't sure if a treatment is legitimate, call your doctor or health care provider. The following treatments DO NOT cure COVID-19:

  • Inhaling bleach
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Consuming alcohol
  • HIV medications
  • Only using herbal remedies

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